“We are in business to start conversations and build community.” Stacey Calder

Stacey has a reputation as a speaker for bringing fun, engaging and inspirational talks to audiences across the UK and beyond.

Stacey uses her experiences in marketing, publishing, and community building to deliver talks that will give your audience motivation as well as insightful business and life lessons.

Starting off in her teens at a Welcome Break in the middle of nowhere, Stacey loved earning the dough but knew she didn’t want a boss telling her what to do. Only after 10 years of selling pens and fuelling her addiction for Disney, stationery and stickers did Stacey decide to take the plunge into self-employment. Family and friends thought she was crazy leaving security behind, but Stacey decided to go for it anyway.

Starting from a humble kitchen table whilst juggling family life in Leamington Spa, Stacey has developed many successful businesses including:

Co-founding a nationwide network for mums in business

Creating a business magazine and publishing platform

Community Facilitation (Stacey is recognised as one of the UK’s top community builders by Facebook)

Building two successful network marketing teams

Developing a consultancy which helps businesses and organisations build engaged and thriving online/offline community

After 10 years in business, those same family members who thought Stacey was crazy (Still probably think she is bonkers) scratch their heads in amazement wondering how she is having so much fun in business.

Stacey tailors all her speaking engagements to ensure she delivers against your audience and business objectives. Tell her what you want your audience thinking, feeling, and doing and Stacey will craft a talk that is designed to fit your objectives.

For remote sessions, Stacey will deliver engaging presentations that will leave your people inspired and engaged.

Beyond business, Stacey takes a community first approach by speaking in local schools. Her mission as a business owner, mum and guardian is to inspire the next generation of female business leaders to f**k the naysayers and believe in what is possible. Her talks are personal, real life and designed to showcase no matter what your background or story there is magic and success inside of everyone.

To find out Stacey’s availability and to develop the right tailored presentation to fit your event and audience, please contact: hello@staceycalder.co.uk or contact
01926 800764.